Remember: HQ items yield TRIPLE XP for crafting leves

#1RinesdalePosted 9/5/2013 4:34:42 AM
Saw some threads about how to craft and gather, so I thought I would share the trick I found for power-leveling your crafting class.
Find the recipe for your appropriate leve level that only requires one item to turn in and spam it with an HQ for triple exp each time. Do everything you can to ensure high quality, including investing in the best equipment at all times and using all HQ ingredients.

In my 30's in crafting I can spam a quest that gives 70000xp for a high quality turn in (the bar is only 180000xp).

Save those leves and make crafting as painless as you can! Good luck!
#2OblivonPosted 9/5/2013 5:38:23 AM
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#3cemanticsPosted 9/5/2013 5:47:16 AM
Yea I have done this a lot.......

I have to search the zones for lvl 35 and 40 leves that are reasonably HQ-able.

I used a lvl 25 one up until lvl 40
#4kroonermanblackPosted 9/5/2013 5:58:58 AM
How are you guys ensuring an HQ item though? I've had negative luck making any up through 20ish in armoring. Granted I wasn't using HQ ore, but I couldn't get the % above 10 on most items, so never got a HQ (I think the percentage is a complete lie, I've crafted far more than 200 items at 10-20% and never gotten a single one. Get a few up to 70-80+ and its an every time thing).

I understand the gather to craft chain, but it seems like it would be faster to just buy an HQ item or spam the easy turnins and move on.

I'm missing something if its easier and faster to make a HQ item than just turn in 3-4 regular ones, since making one HQ takes me significantly more time and resources, so PLEASE tell me how you're doing it easily and regularly?