Is my FC too strict?

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2 years ago#1
Joined these guys because I thought they were laid back. They are, but they keep adding rules.
1. TeamSpeak required
2. Skype suggested
3. Twitter suggested
4. Daily events with forum RSVP required
5. 3 events attended per week required
6. Meet at a certain location in-game now required, or you're counted as absent, even if you did 1-5

I mean...ugh. Making it too difficult.
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2 years ago#2
Lol, I'd drop them in a heartbeat.
2 years ago#3
This is a game, not a three-credit course with a lab.
2 years ago#4
1. Normal
2. It's whatev
3. Que?
4. Forum RSVP is a little much, but understandable.
5. Normal
6. Understandable since you have to be in Wineport to enter BC.

Not too strict, though it does seem like a ton of work for the hour it takes to clear 1-4.
2 years ago#5
It's not that it's strict, it's that your lifestyle likely doesn't conform to the type of players that they want in their FC. That's not a good or bad thing, it simply is. They seem to be looking for the players who play the game very seriously and have all the time in the world to spare for an MMO.

Just find another FC.
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2 years ago#6
Destin the Valiant
2 years ago#7
FF XIV is serious business.
2 years ago#8

6. Understandable since you have to be in Wineport to enter BC.

Did not know this, but only 8 of our people are in Coil so far. Makes sense for Coil nights. The requirement is for everyone.
Of all the zeroes, I'm the bluest.
2 years ago#9
Im ok with this, it takes some organisation to get thru coil, cant just go willy nilly and hope to make it to turn 5. My static group also has food and potion requirements. May seem like the fc has a stick up its butt but we went thru turns 1-3 in 2 hours, use to take days to do
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2 years ago#10
I can understand some of those rules for endgame raiding activities. They show the difference between people who can commit to a schedule and those who just are too busy in life to commit. The last sentence isn't an insult. I do not have the time in my life for a scheduled raid environment myself.

In XI, we'd meet at 830 in Jeuno to start VW at 9. After 9, you'd be marked as partial attendance unless we had not left or you warned us ahead of time. Overall, we were still pretty lax with that rule and ended up starting things as far as an hour late.

Teamspeak and schedules on forums are nothing really outrageous. It just gives you more organization. Twitter is still kinda baffling.

Raiding is a second job for some people. If you don't like that environment, then leave the FC. There are social/relaxing FCs out there. Mine doesn't even organize events. We just help each other out as we log in. No set times. Can't do it anyway thanks to my job. Hours are too erratic.

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