obvious things that you discovered very late in the game?

#1Chriss_Q80Posted 11/7/2013 1:17:06 PM
I'm a lvl50 drg with 1+ and full DL and in my last wp run i JUST discovered that dragondive doesn't work with power surge.... so i was pretty much using power surge and letting it go away...i felt very stupid lol
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#2TylerMTLPosted 11/7/2013 1:31:07 PM
It's ok - it's not like we have high expectations for dragoons >.>
#3jumpyPosted 11/7/2013 1:35:47 PM
first person view, being able to resize hotbars, various things inside the labyrinthine setting windows
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#4Chriss_Q80(Topic Creator)Posted 11/7/2013 1:37:33 PM
TylerMTL posted...
It's ok - it's not like we have high expectations for dragoons >.>

thank you for sharing that info good sir :)
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#5velvet_hammerPosted 11/7/2013 1:39:07 PM
I didnt notice the aggro numbers in the party list till about a month in.. but I did solo a lot while leveling
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#6auxpowerPosted 11/7/2013 1:40:17 PM
I just now figured out that you can put your other classes+gear setup on hotbar
#7Noonan25Posted 11/7/2013 1:41:19 PM
Zooming in and out on the PS3 version. It's 2nd nature to use the scroll wheel to zoom in/out on PC but I didn't know PS3 had that feature until a few weeks ago.
#8Spikey_KunPosted 11/7/2013 1:41:31 PM
The little Crab minion I put on the market damn near when I started still hadn't sold.
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#9Ein_SophPosted 11/7/2013 1:41:38 PM
I discovered the community.

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#10Gamemaster64Posted 11/7/2013 1:41:54 PM
I didn't know it all for yourself on relics. waiting for FC party for it to only have everyone end up getting theirs one by one.
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