Anyone know the best dungeons to level in?

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Seferia7 posted...
AV resetting is in fact the fastest way to level. It's just a small level range and it levels you so quickly it's hard to find people to do it.

You mean that thing in which people go up to the first boss and then leave? I recall someone shouting for a group like that. Said that you could make 85K exp or so in 10-15 minutes.
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Stone Vigil gives a lot of XP because there's so few mobs in it. Its a very short dungeon.

For the final level range, just run whatever dungeon's the highest, along with daily roulettes and do the beastmen dailies. While doing hunting logs hit any fate on your way. You'll be 50 in no time.
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I ran AV last night and it was amazing. 5K for rested exp boost + 10% heart of battle per mob. Very quick but hard for my healer.
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Hmm, I will keep that AV trick in mind.
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I would like to commend who ever thought of the av exp trick. Ive only ran av a couple of times but the more im hearing the better it sounds. Thanks for the tip.
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