So what race is your main and why did you choose it?

#1dragonkyn20Posted 1/26/2014 10:11:47 PM
So what race is your main and why did you choose it? - Results (553 votes)
27.67% (153 votes)
11.03% (61 votes)
32.55% (180 votes)
17.9% (99 votes)
10.85% (60 votes)
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Just a little curious.

For me, I chose Hyur since I tend to pick the 'human' like races. How about everyone else?

Oh and optional, you can post a pic of your main if you like.
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#2iveriadPosted 1/26/2014 10:17:34 PM
Hyur, because I always pick human race in any mmos as main.
The alts could be anything though.
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#3StrykeBlaydePosted 1/26/2014 10:20:53 PM
Hyur, because Elezen are too Bayonetta-like in their proportions.
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#4PFireflyPosted 1/26/2014 10:26:26 PM
Roe female. Because I find it amusing that I'm more physically intimidating as a healer chick than the DPS and tanks while still looking good :P
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#5fatpolomanjrPosted 1/26/2014 10:28:43 PM
Lalafell Warrior. Tiny tanks are hilarious. Second benefit: many players think they are ridiculously cute (which they are).
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#6RaharuHaruhaPosted 1/26/2014 10:31:12 PM
I chose Miqo'te because of Mewbacca.
#7SyggysPosted 1/26/2014 10:31:21 PM
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#8KaijuuPosted 1/26/2014 10:34:50 PM
Miqo'te, for the emotes.
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#9Jo_JoaninePosted 1/26/2014 10:35:12 PM

Roes are ugly and Elezen are awkward.
The other two are much too "anime"-ish for my tastes, and I don't like furries at all.
#10gamewizard11Posted 1/26/2014 10:58:20 PM
Miqo'te of course cause they have the hottest chicks.