Tell us what your favorite little details are.

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Endlessli posted...
The first thing I noticed and was instantly impressed were footsteps. Footsteps on grass, metal, wood all sound different. Thank goodness.

And they did a great job is making sure ALL surfaces were represented fairly. Like, even a strip of dirt in a grassy area will have a grassy footstep, instead of lazing out and having that whole field just be grass
#12Raven_ShikumiPosted 8/21/2014 11:29:32 PM
The way earrings move according to force exerted on them.
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Wetness is pretty neat. Especially in rivers. Your just shoes don't just get wet and your pants don't stay all the way dry. You get wet how deep you go. And if you sit down and stand up, again everything it touched is wet and everything above the water is dry.
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The expression shown in faces during emotes. Some of them have such interesting and real expressions.
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the way you can hear a tear roll down someone's cheek whenever a hunt gets pulled early
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Actually sitting down in water doesn't register.
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Did you know that chocobos don't breathe? I didn't, until I was observing my own character's breath in Coerthas and then realized that the effect did not extend to my chocobo.
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Kaiganeer posted...
the way you can hear a tear roll down someone's cheek whenever a hunt gets pulled early

If this was a YLYL thread, this post would have made me lose.
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if you tend to your garden while it's raining, you do a different animation.
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I love the varying kinds of sunsets, and how when the weather is fair you can really see the clouds become illuminated with pinks and oranges and stuff. They really only did this only in like one area in FFXI, was Bibiki Bay, so it reminds me of that, but I like standing on lawn of my house in Mist and checking out the sunset.

The glimmer on the water always looks so nice and vivid. I really love the water glimmering in areas like Upper and Outer La Noscea.

Cloudy weather looks good at night, too. The moon breaks through the clouds and it always has a nice pattern in the sky. During clear nights I also look at the sky and see all the different star patterns and stuff.

Another thing I like are the fireworks, the patterns are pretty detailed and varied. D:

Yeah, I'm a sucker for the little things in this game, lol.
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