I'm lvl31 with my warrior and I'm trying to learn tanking but it's a no go

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2 years ago#1
All I want is a bear or lion mount, I decided to go for a bear for now since warrior seems to be the easier class to work with but easy is entirely subjective.
I always play DPS in MMOs because I don't have the mental or physical capacity or skills to do this quite right, people say they've seen worse and I'm doing fine but I know it ain't so.

For one I keep running out of TP, coming from a summoner who practically has infinite mana and whose rotations I know by heart and learned fairly early on the warrior somehow confuses me.
I try to keep aggro as much as I can but I can't seem to do it right when a boss starts spawning too many ads, that's when things usually start going south.

I try to keep the enemies and bosses faced away from the party if needed and such, this usually works, but again TP management is my biggest problem.

Atm I'm only lvl31 with my warrior and I'm not quite sure what I need to use to draw agro/enimity.

I try using overpower to draw aggro but that quickly drains my TP
Also for some reason the descriptions for some of these skills are a tad vague or confusing to me.
I've seen Mr. Happy's tanking video, the updated one for 2.1 but seeing it and putting it all in practice are quite different.

I get the theory behind tanking, draw as much aggro towards yourself and keep the party safe so they can heal or deal damage.
2 years ago#2
Tomahawk to pull an enemy.

Level GLA to 22 for Provoke. If you intend you WAR to be doing endgame, it's critical. You'll also get Flash along the way.

Overpower for initial aggro, but then you should be hitting your Butcher combo. Throw in OP and flash to keep enmity up on your secondary targets.
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2 years ago#3
I see so I'm going to have to do a bit more work on the gladiator then
thanks man
2 years ago#4
btw I just did the instance with the flying eyeball monsters, the one where you have to shut lights off at the final boss.
I did better than before because I kept my overpower usage to a minimum but I was slow and I feel I could have been a hell of a lot better, didn't get a commendment which says something, tho people said I did fine, nobody died or anything.

I'm a casual player, DPS is perfect for me but I'm doing this for a bear :)
2 years ago#5
"level GLA to 22 for provoke"

and SE wonders why tank classes are so bad or so few....
2 years ago#6
Yea tanks get jipped on tp regen which to me is stupid if brd drg mnk get invigorate and army paeon or however its spelled. How does SE expect tanks to keep spamming threat if they run out of steam 1/2way through a raid boss fight? If ya having problems with keeping up threat then its either you sucking at it or the dps just doesn't care and steam-rolls over tanks. Which to me I let them die. I don't really see tanks marking targets anymore unless its a certain mob that should be killed first because its the most threating.
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2 years ago#7
Aggro management is hell IMO until you get Defiance. After that it's
Tomahawk>Overpower (Max 3)>Butcher's Block Combo.

A great tip to lower TP strain is to stop using Fracture. The DPS gains aren't significant anyway, and later on it delays Wrath for your other high DPS abilities. As far as pick up adds, it can be a bit tricky in Haukke Manor. Simply tomahawk each one, throw one overpower out once you've got them grouped, and then focus the boss, they'll be dead soon enough.
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2 years ago#8
Thanks for all the info everyone
Would making a macro that does the following be a good idea?
/ac "Heavy Swing"
/wait 2.5
/ac "Skull Sunder"
/wait 2.5
/ac "Butcher's Block"

Because this is what I do to initiate combat or at the start of battle with my summoner or when I need to do a complete dot on something
/ac "Bio II"
/wait 2.5
/ac Miasma
/wait 2.5
/ac Bio

Any other macros for both Summoner and Warrior you guys would recommend?
2 years ago#9
Also is Mercy Stroke a good skill to use?
2 years ago#10
Please forget macros for main damage skills. Please. They actually slow your damage output down.

Yes, mercy stroke is good. If your timing is impeccable it becomes great.
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  3. I'm lvl31 with my warrior and I'm trying to learn tanking but it's a no go

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