Why do people think organizing a last minute 'hunt party through the PF is good?

#1Joker_X_IIPosted 8/23/2014 9:46:06 AM
Here's my issue, coming from Goblin server (a healthy medium NA server)....

A while back, being that I'm on 4 hunting linkshells. Someone macro spams an A/S rank hunt. I quickly port to the area, and /shout 'inv plz'...

...then a little flamage ensues. "merrrr, make a grp in PF." "Hunt grp in PF."......

So I did go through the PF, and got in...and only 3 people didn't zone in. Apparently, they were all afk or not in the zone yet.

We killed the A rank, wound up with 12 seals...w..t...f....rite?

I assumed that I only got half the seals because i had half a party doing half the damage the other groups were doing.

...so later on...

Another A/S rank macro spamming in the LS. I port quickly there. And instead of asking for an invite, I waited to see who needed an invite. I ninja-invited anyone you ask for one until my party was full. They were already in the zone, on their way to the mark, ready to go

TL;DR: Forming a last minute PF Hunt party for a A/S rank mark is POINTLESS;
#2wowkirinPosted 8/23/2014 10:25:20 AM
People are idiots and don't change the job when someone leaves and they shout join in PF, you look and they are seeking like DRG only or something
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