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I've been at work all day. How are the servers today? (Archived)
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Playing Mrd. Lnc, Gld or possibly Pug next? (Archived)Shadows_Of_Fall88/26/2013
1017 again. (Archived)AngelWithaHat28/26/2013
Anyone else get the Queue when spamming in? (Archived)Kyerofox28/26/2013
Can you not need on loot when on an alt class? (Archived)
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Subscription Items? (Archived)
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Well there IS a good reason to play ARR, if you can log on... (Archived)
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Anyone gone 24hr+ AFK? (Archived)guy_in_florida68/26/2013
How much exactly is the monthly subcription fee? (Archived)thunderbreak98/26/2013
Quick question on CE bonus items (Archived)IXIShogunateIXI38/26/2013
Wait, 1.0 users only get like two weeks free? (Archived)Dracovian88/26/2013
CE Code from Gamestop? (Archived)sesshomaru_5528/26/2013
did he launch start yet? (Archived)ryouma1738/26/2013
After starting areas. (Archived)charlton3k18/26/2013
PS3 wireless connection issues with ATT Uverse (Archived)DukeBurden58/26/2013
The song in the opening cinematic... (Archived)ACx718/26/2013
SE's mistake is selling too many EA copies. (Archived)
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IGN live stream of FF14. (Archived)ookdooker28/26/2013
Been afked since 730am est on Gilgamesh... (Archived)
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Has our days before payments been ticking down this whole time... (Archived)Valkerion75728/26/2013
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