will pre-order bonus items (mog cap, caith sith) be available from amazon too ?

#1BeckoPosted 5/23/2013 3:14:18 PM
I just read the item description ... and no sign of these pre-order bonuses ... will these be a SE-site only exclusive ?

#2TanthalasPosted 5/23/2013 3:16:29 PM
Its on their other pages, they probably just forgot to add it to that page:

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#3Becko(Topic Creator)Posted 5/23/2013 3:40:55 PM
I see ... thanks ... however I found about this too ... basically you need to send your email to SE through this site:


Then at the release time they will email you back asking for the pre-order code to redeem the items onto your FF14 ARR account
#4NekoSlavePosted 5/24/2013 7:19:36 PM
I have a question somewhat related I'm hoping someone could help me with, as it may mean the difference between going for the CE or paying half that and having money for subscription.

The digital bonuses with the CE (mount and choco armor, specifically) are they available for *any character created on that account* or is it like EverQuest, where you can claim it on only *one* character, and that's it? Does anyone know, or did they do something similar in XI?
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#5TiegerJDPosted 5/24/2013 11:06:45 PM
Collector's Edition Items in FFXIV 1.0 where available on all created characters. Don't see why ARR would be any different.
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#6NekoSlavePosted 5/25/2013 7:53:20 AM
Really? So I don't have to worry about making a character of another race, and then missing out on one of the items I would rather have for that one, but claimed on another? That's awesome! Well, if it works that way hehe. Thanks!

I know in WoW the special pets you got were available for every single one you made, which was great. I'm glad to see the FF series is like that too, based on previous titles.
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