where do i change class?

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3 years ago#1
i did my last quest for thaumaturge (hint use sleep)
now in at the conjurer guild i joined, but the game wont give me the first lvl 1 quest..

also how do i change my class? it doesnt work by joining a other guild
3 years ago#2
If you've joined the conjurer's guild they gave you a staff. Just equip it.
Keep calm and hee-ho
3 years ago#3
totally missed that..
3 years ago#4
hm u become lvl 1 again, and u only have that skils from the other clas

so a mage cant heal..
3 years ago#5
tip keep old armor..was naked..in strange town..im not that kind of lalafel...
3 years ago#6
Were you expecting not to be level 1? It's a brand new class.

And you can rebuy those beginner clothes
Keep calm and hee-ho
3 years ago#7
best way to get lvl 50 is to stick to 1 clas then..
3 years ago#8
Umm..It's not really the "best way" it's just how it works? There's no reason when you switch to a different class that that class would be leveled too.

You have to level a second class at least somewhat anyways to unlock your job.
Keep calm and hee-ho
3 years ago#9
rather lvl my char and my classes seperate..dont want to go fight ladybugs again, when i fought bosses..

there is one advantage for havin multple classes, u can pick 3 and add it to a other
3 years ago#10
yay now im a fire mage that can heal at the same time

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