No mics and a monthly fee?

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3 years ago#21
FENR1R13 posted...
Lol I like how u refer to yourself in 3rd person 2d but I have played beta. It just me cause I'm so use to it. No disrespect to anyone. I do the same with dcuo. I just feel 14 is a bit slow.. but I still love the game

ah 2D stands corrected then... you're just fast as hell on typing. FF14 is slow compared to some other games, but the rate in which you can dish out abilities, taking the GCD into account, was just too fast for 2D to type without going momentarily idle.
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3 years ago#22
FENR1R13 posted...
Btw pc and ps4 player can use 3rd party chats. Until then I just feel not having chat won't bring this game down to a point to cancel preorders. That's a hit extreme in my opinion.

PS4 will supposedly have XBL like parties to clarify, so why is it an issue? "Hey man, what's your PSN tag? :invite to party:" Done.
"Since this game rely on micro transaction when people leave for mop this game will be I survive."
3 years ago#23
Chat is useful when done right.. I just get annoy having to listen to death metal and gangster rap in the backgound like I said. I'm just a old man that enjoys videogames. Sadly I like cod cuz its easy to play.. it just the community in chat just annoys me.. so much anger
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