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3 years ago#1
How do you sell things??? Thanks in advance!!
Brandon---311 <---- PSN
3 years ago#2
You have to progress the story far enough to get your retainer. After that, make your retainer and you give the items to him to sell for you. When you get the retainer there is a tutorial on how to use them.

And I believe the point in the story is just before Bowl of Embers.
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3 years ago#3
Thank you! Any idea what level story mission? (Around)
Brandon---311 <---- PSN
3 years ago#4
I believe it's a level 20 restriction for Bowl of Embers.
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FF 14 Behemoth Server
3 years ago#5
yup, once year clear that you get your retainer, after some back and forth and back and forth and back and forth quest in than
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3 years ago#6
Its a level 17 or 18 quest that gives you access. You get access as soon as you start the investigation that leads to Ifrit, not afterwards.

Its really not miss-able if you are reading. They tell you now you can hire them as a reward for doing something. Its not an actual quest reward(stated that way for min spoiler)
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