Square Enix Problem - The password entered is invalid

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3 years ago#1
Good evening,

Well, I face a problem via Square Enix Account.

Since yesterday, I was getting the below message so many times when I want to enter/login/signin my Square Enix Account:

"The password entered is invalid. Please enter a valid password."

I am sure about my Square Enix ID, Square Enix Password and One-Time Password.

For double checking, I have changed my Square Enix Password & One-Time Password but did not help.

In addition, I can login Square Enix Membership with Square Enix ID + Square Enix Password.

However, I cannot login Square Enix Account with Square Enix ID + Square Enix Password + One-Time Password.

So is my "dragon" One-Time Password the issue! I wonder what to do? Any help from you will be appreciated.

Thanks and regards
3 years ago#2
you only need to put in one password when logging in.
3 years ago#3
Thank you chobit_A5HL3Y and I really appreciate your help.

Two more things, I have noticed that I created Square Enix Account with not a perfect name.

I have registered my FFXIV game inside my Square Enix Membership.

1. If I create a new Square Enix Account but there is no FFXIV game registered in Square Enix Membership, can I play FFXIV game or I must have FFXIV registered in the same account to play FFXIV?

2. My PSN Account is US region and my FFXIV is EU region, so I have create a new PSN Account EU region for only 1 game (FFXIV). However, all my trophies are in US region. So can I buy a redeem code of US for FFXIV EU region (PAL) and will it work? (even if i start from Zero)

Thank and regards
3 years ago#4
i don't understand your 2nd question, but you need to register and link both your squenix account and psn to play~
3 years ago#5
Thank you chobit_A5HL3Y for trying to help me.

Well, it is like this:

I have 2 PSN accounts right now:
A) USA Account: with all my games + trophies
B) Europe Account (Created yesterday): with only 1 game (PAL FFXIV)

Besides I have 1 Square Enix account:
I) Square Enix account: In the Square Enix Membership, FFXIV is registerd.

I wanna do this (if it is possiable):
- Buy Redeem Code of USA region
- Put it in (A) USA account
- Create new Square Enix account eg. (II)
- Play in USA Account with new Square Enix Account

Because everytime I open FFXIV on USA account, it asked me for redeem code.
Q1: Can EU FFXIV with USA redeem code works? or I need to buy a new US FFXIV (game+code)?

PS. The new Square Enix account (II) will be without FFXIV in the membership as I have already registered it in (I) membership).
Q2: Thus, does FFXIV requires the game FFXIV to be registed in same Square Enix account of login?

Thanks and regards
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