my little chocobo quest help

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3 years ago#1
I'm going crazy here, it says to exchange the company seals with the storm quartermaster yet i see no option to do so, also, how many seals do i need?
3 years ago#2
U need 2000 seal, the quartermaster is right next to the GC npc u talked to before.
3 years ago#3
I had the same problem.. if you played in the original version of FFXIV and had your GC chocobo, go to a chocobo stables npc in town, and choose the option to rename your chocobo, do so, then you should be able to get your bird back. Look under the Action menu, then drag the chocobo mount option to your ho bar.
3 years ago#4
When you're browsing the quartermaster's stuff, make sure you are looking under the "materials" tab and not weapons or armor.
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