Quick Tongue III Materia

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User Info: holder37814

3 years ago#1
Where can I get these? If anyone has broken down equipment and received these id love to know which. Need 2 for my relic weapon

User Info: adamolden

3 years ago#2
Lvl 40 green mage weapons I believe. You can buy them off the market board too. Most level 3 materia goes for like 5k each.

User Info: Eidolith

3 years ago#3
5k? that's cheap, when i checked quicktongue III on the marketboard the cheapest was over 60k.

User Info: adamolden

3 years ago#4
Wait..really? Hmm maybe I confused something. I thought I'd checked and saw theyw eren't too expensive for individual ones. Some of them. Might have been someone sold low without realizing....

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