So how bad was the original game, really?

#1kaminarikidPosted 10/2/2013 7:12:49 PM
And what exactly makes this game better?
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This might help somewhat:
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#3EdHarveyPosted 10/2/2013 7:44:09 PM
The true original, not including all the updates Yoshi-P implemented... had no content. Literally no content. The end result of Yoshi-P's updated original was fairly decent.

But the true original, you level up a class to 50. And then you level up another class to 50. Then you level up another class to 50. You kept that up until you had no other classes to level up... and then... you were done with the game. There was literally nothing else to do. No end game at all. Its like the original producers thought that leveling up a class was content. And to lengthen the process, you were essentially throttled with a fatigue system that reduced your exp gain the more you gained exp. Depending on how much killing you did, on average, about 5 days worth of exping you would effectively no longer gain any exp. Then you'd have to switch to another class on purpose to level that one. Later when your original class' fatigue reset after a week, then you can resume leveling that class. It took the earliest, 30 days to level one class to 50, but on average, 2-3 months to do so. Needlessly to say, leveling up was truly a boring grind.

As far as other content goes, I think, I could be wrong, but I think the only thing the original producer added as content was 3 months after launch, they added 3 or so NM quests that rewarded you with the various sad end game armors.

There were no chocobos or airships. There was only 2 means of transportation. Your feet and teleportation using Anima. Anima was free, you got around 4 points every 24 hours. You can hold up to 100. It cost around 2-4 for local transportation. And as much as 6 for far region teleportation. So if you used up all your anima, all you can do is run. And it took you literally 15 minutes to run from Gridania to Uldah. And just under 30 minutes to travel from Gridania to Limsa Lominsa. The map was expansive, with very little loading zones. This was nice except for 2 drawbacks. The land was barren. You barely came across other people unless you traveled on the roads. And in order to be able to not use up RAM, alot of the terrain was copy/pasted so where ever you went, it all looked exactly the same if you were in the same region.

There are tons more things to write about but I have to go.

Honestly, I think Yoshi-P's 1.23~ version of the game had certain aspects that are far superior than ARR's. If you were to combine 1.23~ and ARR, it would've been the perfect game for me.
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Rerunning the same dungeons hundreds of times for something as pointless as gear is content? That's pathetic.
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Sighto posted...
Rerunning the same dungeons hundreds of times for something as pointless as gear is content? That's pathetic.

I don't get it... what else would you expect?
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Sighto posted...
Rerunning the same dungeons hundreds of times for something as pointless as gear is content? That's pathetic.

I mean, that is an mmo in a nutshell. People who like mmos are crazy people who enjoy the grind in some masochistic way, and complain about it at the same time.
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Oh yeah, thought of another thing. Whether you gained exp or not was completely random. Well, you had physical level and class level. So you had to gain 2 different types of exp. Regular exp was to gain physical level. SP was skill points that leveled up your class. It was SP that was random. So sometimes you can kill a monster that is at your level and you gain no SP at all.
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You know how in A Realm Reborn you can walk around anywhere and see a bunch of people with icons indicating they have a sidequest for you? There weren't any. There was something kind of like FATEs where every hour a bunch of monsters would appear and a group of players would fight them, but that was it aside from main story quests every five levels or so. That was the content of the game. Also, the UI of the game made virtually no sense to me back then.
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Lets not forget a terrible HUD/UI, super menu/inventory lag, junk controls and more to go along with the total lack of content for the first good 6 months at least of 1.0.
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How bad?

Bad enough that they switched the director, spent countless man hours reworking every single aspect and released it as a sequel, because the original game was beyond salvation.
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