New classes coming with patch 2.2 or soon, do you think? Hints at samurai class?

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2 years ago#1
Am I reading too much into this? Just because Gilgamesh is finally making an appearance does not mean that the samurai class is coming with this 2.2 patch update, right? What do you think?

"Gilgamesh is a recurring character in the Final Fantasy series. Initially introduced as a villain, he has made a number of appearances in remakes and later titles. To date, Gilgamesh has had more appearances in any Final Fantasy media than any other character, and may be the only character to appear in more than one game in the main series (see below). Gilgamesh began a tradition of an incompetent, comical, yet persistent recurring boss for the player to face.

Gilgamesh's role has varied greatly from ally, to enemy, to summon, but for most of his appearances he is a traveling sword collector who battles with a variety of rare and powerful weapons. In most, if not all, of his appearances, Gilgamesh is searching for the legendary sword, Excalibur. Another of Gilgamesh's trademarks is Genji Equipment, which can be stolen from or dropped by him."

"Genji Equipment, also known as Samurai Equipment, is a recurring set of heavy armor that appears in almost all Final Fantasy games. Genji equipment is always either the best or one of the best sets of equipment, available in limited supplies. It is usually stolen/obtained from the recurring boss Gilgamesh. It is described as armor from a far-away land, and consists of a Shield, Helm, Gloves and Armor. The sword of the set, Genji Blade or Genji Katana, also appears on occasion but not as often as the rest of the set."

i believe a while ago I heard something about a gardener class if I am not mistaken.

So, my hope is that with this patch we will get gardener and samurai. Samurai will be cool and all and I will level it immediately, but at the same time I want ninja class more than anything.
2 years ago#2
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2 years ago#3
You're reading too much into it. If SE were to release a class before the expansion, it would most likely be the Musketeer class. There's already a guild for it beneath the MRD's guild and Merlwyb herself has been using 'muskets' since 1.xx.
FFXI - Valefor: Nestama
2 years ago#4
Musketeer might be released when other classes/jobs are ready too. (like Arcanist, Summoner and Scholar were developed and completed at the sametime.)

it depends, Musketeer could either be added through an update before expansion,
or in the expansion alongside other classes/jobs.

Though there is a decent chance Musketeer will be released before the 1st expansion.

but yea the 1st expansion is going to be huge, and almost double the content since it will have as much content as FFXIV ARR launched with. So people can expect new classes/jobs, and the Viera race (though Viera race might be added post Expansion release, depending how ready the race is. Either included in expansion or as an update, but most likely part of the expansion to boost expansion incentives and sales. )
2 years ago#5

So many class/job fantasies from people.

The roles in this game are pretty weird. It would be hard to work anything other than a sponge tank into the game, and DPS that don't have some sort of flank bonus or ranged damage, which makes certain jobs very hard to pinpoint.

Musketeer is likely to be the first class added, since as others have said, the guild and NPCs are already there in the game, as well as signs on the upper limsa streets with dual pistols on them. Plus we have two tanks, two melee DPS, two caster DPS, two healers, and only one ranged DPS, likely to be remedied with the addition of Musketeer.

Oh, and the class selection for Limsa has been limited since release. I have a feeling the developers are aching to finally complete the perfect 3/3/3 class choice for each nation.

Other than that, I haven't the slightest clue what classes/jobs will be added, and I'm not going to go around plastering my ideas all over the place like some people do, and what should be what. The devs are going to decide on all of that, so I'm going to wait and see what their plans are before I go getting my hopes up for something weird like a SOLDIER from FFVII with Cloud Armour AF or an Airship pilot or some stupid s*** like that.
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2 years ago#6
I'm not sure why people think musketeer is a shoe in. The musketeer guild has been there since 1.0, but the battle design team will be more interested in how well different classes will fit into the kind of content they want to make and how it'll fit with existing classes. I don't think the guild being there really means anything.
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2 years ago#7
But Limsa Lominsa is currently the only city state to only have two starter classes and neither of them are melee DPS :(
FFXI - Valefor: Nestama
2 years ago#8
maybe musketeer is a tank version of bard?
2 years ago#9
xenosaga123 posted...
maybe musketeer is a tank version of bard?

Pistol and Shield? that would be kinda Epic. Shield bash to the face, then stick a pistol in his mouth and pull the trigger.

"This is my Boom-Stick"
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2 years ago#10
Well, they better release a new tank soon, the end game PF takes way too long to find a single tank.
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