Warz worth $3.75?

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User Info: morph4037

3 years ago#11
Misaka_Desu posted...
you'd have more fun with your money if you literally flushed it down the toilet.


User Info: The_Darkwalker

3 years ago#12
I just bought this too. I had no idea that this was associated with The War Z. If I had I probably would not have purchased it. That said, it's dirt cheap and I have never played The Day Z or The War Z so....I guess I get to see what all the fuss is about finally.
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User Info: Hulkkis

3 years ago#13
Definately not.
I would say its not worth the time to even pirate, it is such a pathetic scam of a game.
I pity anyone who bought this for any price above 0 dollars/euros.
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User Info: troyboy81

3 years ago#14
why is it a scam? is there micro transactions?
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