Punkbuster? I laughed so hard.

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User Info: RocKeTjaX

3 years ago#1
Ever heard of a game called APB:Reloaded? They have punkbuster with their game. Yet, (imho) 4 out of 5 people are hacking. Wall hacks, aimbots, trigger bots, they toggle and even if they do get banned(which is ultra rare and you have to usually have a mountain of evidence), they just reroll their account. Didnt realize they decided to impliment it on here, however i didnt realize it was such a problem (bought it on the steam sale when 3$) but unless everyone trying to hack the game is just horrible at it, i would expect it shouldnt be long before everyone has hacks back. APB's reputation is for hackers and horrible server lag. It feels like punkbuster does less than nothing there so i dont feel so great about it being on here and makes me even more want to just group up with 20+ people (haha not one person on my steam friends have it) and hang out on there cause bored.

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