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#1leadinteaPosted 8/12/2012 8:57:35 PM
Sounds like story mode is going to be very different this time around:
#2Game JesterPosted 8/12/2012 9:16:46 PM
Glad the story is gonna be handled better. Everyone having their own story and then having fights that take place out of nowhere and contradict others story was a problem.
#3abad_limePosted 8/12/2012 9:20:12 PM
Three story branches huh? Makes sense since most of them are in groups. Wonder where carl fits in this seeing as he's pretty much going solo atm.
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#4LordRattergunPosted 8/12/2012 10:33:10 PM
Sounds crap, I bet a lot of the characters will be flat out ignored this time due to not having their own stories.

Expect stuff like 8 Ragna fights and 1 for Taokaka, or something similar.

And the joke endings will be cut in half.
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#5GraveblazePosted 8/13/2012 1:02:41 AM
It would certainly make sense. At this stage, time is no longer looping (or at least, I'm fairly sure that's the case). On top of that, the characters are being grouped together, as has already been mentioned.

If it's anything like the way the Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 campaigns were handled (where the four sides involved would get their own versions of missions, as well as some unique ones), there probably will be a little more of some characters than others, of course, but I'm sure that they can balance it out well.

I noticed that the article adds that 'You will be able to switch characters as you advance through the story'. One could probably take that to mean that the character involved in the next fight changes as the plot demands, but perhaps it will be the case that the player can choose which of their 'party members' takes part in the fight at hand. If not, perhaps it might be that during re-plays of the story, the player can choose a character, instead of having fixed encounters.
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#6PuruglyPosted 8/13/2012 3:27:30 AM
Dunno how I feel about this. I liked each character having their own story, tbh.

Oh, well. Calamity Trigger Reconstruct was handled fairly well, so it might be cool.
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#7ruhterford22Posted 8/13/2012 6:26:37 AM
I hope they don't do this since it will really mess up what I like about the game. You get more out of playing each character's story mode then you would playing something that's mushed all together. This also could mean it will be a much shorter game as well. And what about the multiple endings? I know the loops have stopped but it still can't hurt to add good, bad, and gag endings can it?

The game looks awesome but it also comes with sad news.
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#8BellethorPosted 8/13/2012 6:42:19 AM
I preferred it when the characters had their own story modes.
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#9will57Posted 8/13/2012 7:07:56 AM
I'm still looking forward to this but I have to agree, I as well liked how the characters each had their own story to play through. That was the one thing I felt made itself better than other fighter games. As long as the story still remains in good shape than it's not really an issue. As said previously though, it does make sense that their separated into groups now.

Although to be honest i'm more interested in the new game modes that might have been added, or at least which modes are being left in, i'm willing to assume that the story can and will remain as entertaining as previous games although it's true it will probably feel shorter.
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#10Im_A_potatoPosted 8/13/2012 7:29:31 AM
LordRattergun posted...
Sounds crap, I bet a lot of the characters will be flat out ignored this time due to not having their own stories.

Expect stuff like 8 Ragna fights and 1 for Taokaka, or something similar.

And the joke endings will be cut in half.

I guess the reason for this is that they don't have time-loops anymore.

Plus, Hazama already destroyed Takamagahara so there's no more resets either.

So they cant afford any contradictions.

I'm gonna use Persona 4 Arena as an example.

In that game everybody had their own stories. What happened?

Now while the story was pretty awesome......

Most of them contradict each other. (The one you are using is always the one that will win The Grand Prix.) But then again, all fighting games do that.

So..... Invalid Argument. It still kinda annoys me though.

But wait!! There's more!!

They ended up repeating the really trivial details (like the invisible walls and the illusions, etc.) to the point that it got annoying.

I'm guessing they just wanna mix things up a bit.