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4 years ago#1
I wanted to verify; This game is pay to win right?

I came upon a floor on my second lap in the Black Dragon Tower event that I couldn't beat with my lvl 80 Samantha (too many mummies, super allies but none of them melee) So I had to switch out to Dhimitrios.

I noticed I got 10 BT for the floor, instead of 50, and I'm only using a 4* witch.

Can anyone tell me how many BT you get for the common floor using a 5*? and a 6*?

Also, what is with the card packs for sell? I assume that a pack of the limited edition for 500 fanta can give any of the 10 cards from the set, and only of the 10 cards from the set, right?

Does the Series Box just give you seven of those packs? Or is there any kind of guarantees that you will get 5* and/or 6*? How are the odds?
4 years ago#2
This game isn't pay to win, just get allies who pay to win/grind or grind yourself ;D
4*=4TE & maxing out a 4* gives around 40.
5*=200TE = Five maxed out 4*
6*=1000-2000TE = Five maxed out 5* or trading a 6*+5* and etc

5* witches gives 60 and 6* witches gives 100.

Remember using money in phone games are designed to cut down the time you have to spend playing to get good.
4 years ago#3
5* gives 70 for common. dont know about 6* which isn't a really big difference the high rank players are the ones who are using TE constantly thats why alot of cards are going for cheap right now TE wise
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