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3 years ago#151
Shop Name: Wonderland
Store Manager: Alice

Check it out~
3 years ago#152
name: neenee
shop name: Mira Belle
shop code: Y11Z70D19
3 years ago#153
Shop Name: Bella Luna
Store Manager: Michelle
3ds FC- 4124-6444-6779
3 years ago#154
"Mewsical" Shop code: P42T93L69
Friend Code--3024-5166-3339
Style Savvy Trendsetters shop code: P42T93L69
3 years ago#155
I may as well post my shop code. It is F06H96U98
3 years ago#156
I figure I might as well throw my shop code into the mix: Q27W68W62.
My philosophy is if the neighbours are wondering, you're doing it right. --T. Heilke
3 years ago#157
I have visited your shop ShardZero and I remember PseudoTwili's shop as well. I have both of your shops bookmarked.
3DS Friend Code: 0130-1818-1808
3 years ago#158
Shop: Mad Fashion
Manager: Lyra
Code: U95A27D19
"You're right. And when you're right, you're right. And you, you're always right!"
3 years ago#159
Store:CandyMist(star symbol)

I will be changing to some spring clothes soon when I figure out how to change one SD card to another with my game.
3 years ago#160
Shop Name: Kastelle
Store Manager: Brittany
Pokemon Black FC:
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