AR photo shoot. Get your '?' card out!

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4 years ago#1
So I unlocked AR Photo shoot and the first thing it prompts you to do is find '?' card that comes with the 3DS to play the pre installed AR games...

Gosh I had no clue where I put that thing!

Though I did find it and got to try it out for a bit. You can have up to 2 characters appearing on the '?' card at a time and as long as the 3DS can see the '?' you can move the characters anywhere you want. The photo shoot is NOT in 3D, so none of the pictures you take can be viewed in 3D mind you.

Also it seems meeting new characters unlocks them in the AR Photo shoot. With selectable actions for any character (like waving, singing, being sad) and props its a pretty cool app. is really disappointing that it has no 3D.

Does make me wish I had the life sized AR '?' card now though.
4 years ago#2
is the life-sized AR card still being given out? <3
4 years ago#3
Yes it is. I believe its 600 coins on club nintendo.
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4 years ago#4
believe it or not you could always find a picture of the ? card on the internet and print it out to replace your lost card, i've been doing that since i owned the system because i never wanted to get the cards all messed up (they're still in the system's box)

i know it works, and i've also done the same to get the rare dream eater cards for KH: DDD so that i didn't have to open my cards :D
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