Senran Kagura X BlazBlue

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Pretty old news, but here is a new BlazBlue game for those that didn't know.

Senran Kagura is an awesome franchise, I kinda wish they picked a more appropriate game to cross over with -- like Arcana Heart or Skullgirls, Melty Blood even but BlazBlue? LOLWHAT?

It's a card game, thats actually supposed to be played, BlazBlue characters have overdrive cards as well(Which means they're based off Chrno Phantasma) so it doesn't seem very balanced as Asuka probably won't be equal to OverDrive Ragna the Bloodegde.

Posted here because it's slightly relevant and I'm a huge Senran Kagura fan, even if the anime was as fun as fighting a Hakumen with Tager's command grabs.
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I would MUCH rather see a Blazblue Versus GuiltyGear! That would make my year.
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Woo more people for Relius to mindrape in a really unconfortable manner!
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Reading the topic title made me think something along the lines of "If Marvelous worked with Arcsys to make a Senran Kagura fighter, i'd definitely buy it".

Anyway though, I agree. It's a pretty odd crossover, but then again it's a card game and from what I remember there was a crossover between Soul Sacrifice and Million Arthur. So it doesn't seem like there's really any intention of the two series fitting each other at all.
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ITT: No one has heard of UFS (universal fighting system)

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