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User Info: XIV_Nuxj

4 years ago#1
So, there's this pig noise in week 2 day 7, in Shibukyu Main Store that I can't erase... It starts sleeping, but when I try to attack it it just run so fast I can't stop it. Any tips someone?

User Info: Inzoum

4 years ago#2
hint: pigs are always hinting at how they should be defeated.

it's sleeping

is there anything you can do that involves sleeping, or putting something to sleep? be imaginative and think outside the box

User Info: Flamingcow99

4 years ago#3
Press the home button, and reopen the app.
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User Info: Inzoum

4 years ago#4
or alternately, just lock your device, it'll put the game to sleep as well

User Info: fear2darkness

4 years ago#5
You gotta cast hp drain on it and it'll be dead in no time

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