Built-in base facilities

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MikeH7186 posted...
The workshop is always a machine shop. Always.

Not always, my first play it was just a basic workshop while my storage had refrigeration.
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Does anybody want to test this?

'Do you believe in zombie apocalypse' gets over 100 responses whilst a valid question gets skimmed over and dismissed.

I guess i'll have to do all the testing myself.
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You only get the good nights sleep bonus if you have enough beds for every character. How many survivors do you have when you first move before you add a second bunkhouse? My guess is more than 8 but less than 16.
The machine shop was there for me and I definitely cleaned out the bedroom area first.
My med area is not and can not be upgraded. Thats just how it is/ was.
I can tell you that every playthrough I have seen on you tube or done myself has the exact same facilities in the church. Always.
I truly think its just an RNG or hard coded and you get what you get but some things are far more likely to happen. For example...I would expect a truck warehouse to have an upgraded garage, and it has in my experience. Just like I would expect a home to have a library of sorts and a dining area. Or a church to have a way to care for the sick. It makes sense.
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MikeH7186 posted...
The workshop is always a machine shop. Always.

Yea, mine was just a basic workshop. What I normally do is once things are going well I will demolish the pre built rooms so that I can upgrade them. PITA but its the only way.
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Fixed up the workshop first = machine shop.
Fixed up the bedroom second = warehouse lockers (regular bedroom stats)
Fixed up the storage room third = warehouse storage (+30 to everything)

Sorry if that was too specific. I hadn't actually lived at Snyder Trucking before, but yeah. That's what I got.