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3 years ago#1
Hey everybody, I had this happen to me last night and I was shocked so today I went looking for answers and came up empty here I am!

So I was out with Marcus (who was by this time a complete monster in XP) and I was going into a house near the church for a run. I got into the house and must have alerted one of the 4 nearby infested houses (not good, I know) and got overrun.

When Marcus died however, ALL 6 of my other playable characters in the house died along with him! I started over as another character (female) with just me and Lilly still alive in the house. All of our supplies and outposts were intact but how did I lose all of my other characters at once?

The Morale was way low because of all of the infestations, and I didn't see if maybe everyone other than Lilly was out on a mission at the time or something out of the norm. I was forced to start rebuilding with this new character and no influence and it SUCKED! Needless to say I didn't go to sleep until I cleared ALL infestations and created the max # of outposts possible...which was a ton of work!

Has this happened to any of you out there?
3 years ago#2
i left the church as soon as possible because if i managed to take care of a problem in the front yard there would be a horde or 2 in the backyard.

i can tell you a spot with a good home base if you like?
3 years ago#3
For sure! I'm loving this game but need a better strategy...

What's a good place to use for a home base?
3 years ago#4
I lost Marcus due to running into a feral while I had low health and only an edged weapon which, due to a glitch, was incapable of doing damage.

And for some reason, all of my other in-game friends died at the same time. Very strange.
3 years ago#5
DJshutout posted...
For sure! I'm loving this game but need a better strategy...

What's a good place to use for a home base?

The spot i choose to stay at is Snyder Trucking Warehouse, first before i moved i made outposts infront of it to prevent zombies from just jumping in and killing the survivors and then i moved my people in their.

If you place your outposts correctly you can almost cover the entire town. and basically be able to walk from building to building without many problems.
(You will still have zombies but not as many as long as you dont cause too much noise.)
3 years ago#6
Thanks for the advice man, I really appreciate it! Any idea how to get more people in my group quickly? After everyone died I was down to two and now I'm up to 5, but I need 12 to get to the warehouse :(
3 years ago#7
DannyBoy006 posted...
I lost Marcus due to running into a feral while I had low health and only an edged weapon which, due to a glitch, was incapable of doing damage.

And for some reason, all of my other in-game friends died at the same time. Very strange.

That sucks!!! I've contemplated starting over so I have more people. It's crazy with hardly any help now...
3 years ago#8
@ DJ --

Are any of your 5 survivors Powerhouse or Nimble characters? If you're still in the Spencer Mills church, make sure you really beef up at least 2- 3 of your survivors so you can switch between them when one gets hurt/tired, etc. Also, this may sound very tedious, but I make sure to max out the characters' Cardio level first by running around the church and resting when the stamina meter's blinking. This is gonna take time, but it'll be worth it, especially if you're running away from Hordes or combat rolling out of their way (LB + [B] + left joystick in any direction). Once you max out on Cardio, you can choose to either enhance their stamina while running or enhancing the stamina endurance while fighting zombies. I usually pick the second since this comes in handy if I don't get to a parked vehicle on time or have to dodge a Big Un's charge attacks. The Fighting levels increase very quickly in this game, and the Utility Skills for the Powerhouse & Nimble characters are great. I forgot if you have to max out Fighting to get these or just reach a certain level...

For a Powerhouse character, I'll pick the Power Kick since it sends a zombie flying back far. Once you unlock the Defensive Skills after maxing your Fighting, you can pick the Double-Kill counter or the Power Wrestling move (<= you'll toss a zombie over your head so they'll lay helpless on the ground). Also, I have my Powerhouse character specialize in Heavy weapons since they can carry more weight than everyone else. As for my Nimble characters, I go with the Sweep Kick (trips zombies easily) for one and then Roundhouse Kick (knocks them down) for another. They're both very useful (especially if you have Combat Endurance equipped) and can hit multiple targets at once. I find that mastering the Edged Weapons is better than the blunt weapons since you can right out decapitate a zombie or chop off their legs (after getting to Level-4 weapon mastery). If you take off their legs (either with an edged or a heavy weapon), I find that zombies will eventually die by just laying on the ground w/o any legs. Heck, you won't even have to finish them off this way and save some of your stamina!
3 years ago#9
Also, Mr. DJ, I say just keep ransacking houses and keeping your church well supplied. Also, help your remaining survivors and neighbors as needed. You'll eventually gain a lot of Influence so that you can have Lilly radio in for more survivors, which costs 100 Influence points. To do this, go to your "Up" menu, go over to the Homebase layout, go to the "Radio Tower" icon, and pick the icon w/ the person raising his arms in it (<= this is the one where Lilly looks for more survivors). She may not be able to reach new survivors until the second time around, which is why it's always good to have a lot of Influence so that you have some extra in hand.

You can also go w/ just running over horde after horde w/ your cars if you don't feel like running around the church like an idiot for a long time. LOL. The cars are OP in this game, but eventually your vehicles will start on fire if you run over a lot of zombies then accidentally bump into an inanimate object along the road. If I go out on a mission in the boondocks where I know there might not be much cars laying around (e.g., visiting the Wilkersons, the farmhouse, or going up to the Ranger Station), then at least I know that my characters will have somewhat of a fighting chance if their Cardio's maxed out and their bag's well-stocked with necessary supplies. Don't get me wrong, vehicles are terrific and can last a LONG time against zombies (especially pick-up trucks against the Big Un - can kill it in two hits if you're quick enough), but eventually you'll still have to switch to another stranded one.

For the time being, I say just keep up the supplies and your Influence, get enough survivors, then move down to the Snyder Trucking Warehouse in Marshall. It already comes equipped with a storage room as well as a workshop although you can't upgrade either one of them. If you don't wanna lose any more characters, beef up your favorite ones who are also gonna be useful for the group. If you wanna go the gun route, make sure you add a silencer to your pistol if you don't wanna attract any more attention. Often, you may be trying to aim for a zombie's head when you suddenly get grabbed and bitten from behind - worst case scenario, it might be a Feral pinning you down. I use the gun as a finishing move when the zombie's in a stunned state or if they're flat on their back defenseless.

Best of luck to you! You can do it, man! **thumbs up**
3 years ago#10
Thanks for the words of encouragement and all of the good advice!

I ended up beating the game last night with just Lilly and I in our camp, it was a pretty good ending although I know I'm going to play it over again from the beginning :)

There is another patch that came out today to fix the "Too Many Infestations" glitch so that will make it MUCH more fun to play through another round!
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