What are you playing until the patch at 9 am UTC?

#1TwoNumbThumbsPosted 6/27/2013 10:50:13 PM
2 am pst for me, probably BF1943 or Halo Wars, maybe some Trials Evo
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#2saintshield7Posted 6/27/2013 10:58:35 PM
stopped playing the game almost 2 weeks waiting for this update, playing dd-da for the meantime.
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#3D_GryphonPosted 6/27/2013 11:00:39 PM
Just started watching Escape From LA on Netflix so that'll take me to about 1:30. After that either play some Fable 3 or Spartacus until 2. If the update isn't there at 2 I'll probably just go to bed.
#40ofreako0Posted 6/27/2013 11:00:44 PM
prob trials or terraria. maybe 1943 since i havent played for a while and you reminded me of it. love that game.

i might even try (unsuccessfully) to play spartacus legends.
#5Doober2Posted 6/27/2013 11:05:59 PM(edited)
Nothing but I'm in the UK and it's only 8AM here so I only just got up

But been playing Tales of Graces F again for the last few days
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#6JohnnySomethingPosted 6/27/2013 11:04:31 PM
L.A. Noire Complete Collection. Never actually finished it way back when. Just finished up the Vice Desk about 30 minutes ago.
#7Paladin ZPosted 6/27/2013 11:21:59 PM
If I wasn't already pissed at Microsoft for their bull **** and idiocy with the xbox one, just the idiocy due to how they handle the patching of games makes me not want to support them anymore financially.
#8TwoNumbThumbs(Topic Creator)Posted 6/27/2013 11:37:33 PM
Think of the zed as microsoft. Take down the horde of suits!
Forgive me. I have a bleeding heart for gaming.
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#92DshmuploverPosted 6/27/2013 11:50:46 PM
So I'm guessing 10 AM in the UK? Am playing a bit of Dante's Inferno as I just started a new game, maybe some Gunsmoke on Capcom Arcade too.

I have a question actually about Outposts if anyone can help? How do ou know which one of your outposts are in an area you left ages ago so you can abandon them? There seems to be no way of telling so I accidentally abandon one close to my home base. =( Am I doing that right? building a safe area around your home or are you supposed to have outposts miles away from home? Thanks if you can help me
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#10calinksPosted 6/28/2013 12:05:03 AM
Xcom, Witcher 2, maybe some Cathrene