Juggernaut Impossible to kill with vehicle

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2 years ago#1
I don't know what the f*** this patch did, but I cannot kill ANY Juggernaut with ANY vehicle. I had this achievement before, it was a joke in the past to kill them. Hit them with a car, hit them a second time, boom fat f*** dead. I just hit this one at least 30 times with two different cars, still standing. Hasn't taken a single bit of damage. What the f***? How can I get the achievement when the Juggernaut is immortal? I can kill him with guns and melee weapons but not a car? Seriously?
2 years ago#2
I've done it but I wrecked two cars.

I've called in a mortar strike /air strike on one and it didn't die o.0
2 years ago#3
I smashed two police cars into him at least 30 times. Wrecked them both. Would knock it down, hit it on the floor, again and again and again. Posted that, went and got a pick up, hit it three times and it died. I don't know why the police car wouldn't do it, but whatever. Stupid glitched game.
2 years ago#4
I just did this last night.

Damage it with fire/bullets/melee for a while. Then finish it off with a vehicle.
2 years ago#5
Try driving the modern pickup in reverse.
4 or 5 hits and he's done. So is the truck, but you won.
2 years ago#6
Weaken it first then hit it with a car. Well it blew up but i still got the kill and achivement.
2 years ago#7
Chop the bastard down with your melee weapon like a real man!
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2 years ago#8
Slam into him with any vehicle one time in reverse, and run him over reversed again immediately. Expect to lose some tires though.
2 years ago#9

Use Norma.
Jill Valentine > You
2 years ago#10
Yeah, I use the back into him trick. You knock him down while going in reverse, and then just keep going. When you back up over him on the ground he instantly dies. You lose your back bumper and rear tires, but its still enough to limp back to base with if you really need that vehicle.
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