list if familiars with goof defense/physical skills?

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4 years ago#1
Just wanted to know if anyone could post a list of any epic rarity familiars that have either good defensive skills (raising party defence etc) or good physical skills (multiple hit, high damage) so that I can look for them on the bazaar.
4 years ago#2
Griffin (off+def)
Medusa (off)
Sidhe (off)

Pan (off+def)
Okuni (off)
Diemberger (def)
Nunu (off)
Chimera (off)
Minotaur (off)

Probably some more but just to give you a general idea
4 years ago#3
Cool cheers man. I have 4*pan and 4*diemberger but I wouldn't mind a 4*nunu. I've pretty much ruled out getting a ghislandi due to the high demand, unless I were to get one from a physical skill pact but I want to avoid wasting money on getting a rare I don't want. Is furfur any good with his lighting ability? He looks cool. I'm assuming the grim reaper is extremely hard to obtain as well
4 years ago#4
^ Uhm you asked for good defense/physical skills. Furfur is magic. I've excluded most magic based units as they are not "physical" based
4 years ago#5
Hey Samed, I PM'd a little info I hope it helpful. Just seconding the above familiars as good for their category. It all comes down to how you want your team to play out. As cool as Medusa and Pan are...having them on the same team doesn't play to their strengths. Use what you have (namely a D.Paladin and a Pan) to help dictate what to build towards. With those two it looks like an ATK based team using support would work great. I'd focus on familiars with good ATK and AGI with a skill that can either one-shot (Massive Assault) or multi-hit (Berserk, Brawl, etc.)

Minotaur, Flame Ogre, Nunu, Ogre Giant, Diablo, Samael, and the big ape General all fill the one shot roll well.

Ghislandi (yeah right), Dwarven Hog Knight, Sir Galahad Road Knight, Siegfried Sigil Knight, Rodion, Ziraiya and Red Samurai General all mulit hit with the ATK skill

And support tailors to play style. Pan and Griffin buff ATK. Pan does it better, but Griffin can fight better with great stats all around. Succubus heals the group well, and Pouliquen returns them from the dead. Dreameating Tapir tries to make sure you go first, and the Lion Prince dispells any opponent buffs.

All have their uses but if you go with support, you may want DEF as well to step in the line of fire for them. Using Shroud/Cloak/Cloak & Dagger are super useful. D.Paladin, Elven Guardian, Zampson, and the big guy Argos are great here.

There's a lot more that can be said for different types of teams such as AGI, WIS or DEF based teams so try to feel out what you would enjoy the most. For us free players, a good bit of that comes from luck of the coin draws :)

4 years ago#6
I did but I also said skills with high damage. Looking at furfur's stats and lighting ability that does damage to all foes, I wondered whether he would be a good familiar to set my sights on
4 years ago#7
Sorry Saefear ,i've never used the PM service on here and had no idea i had any messages. Just replied :)
4 years ago#8
I think Furfur goes under the expensive range.

I believe he was the event prize from two Special Dungeon events ago, aka he's quite rare.
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4 years ago#9
Ok thanks hypadragon, i'll avoid furfur for now. i've only been playing since the peryton raid event so have no idea about previous event exclusives. Think i'm gonna try and get myself a nunu mountain giant if possible and hope that improves my party a bit.
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