Is this a good PVP team make up?

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4 years ago#1
I came across this and wondering if this is something worth building for a solid PVP group
4 years ago#2
Yeah that is a solid team, to make it even better I'd swap the fafnirs with odins
4 years ago#3
Ok awesome thank you! So if I can get

Odin / Ghis / Griffin / Ghis / Odin

should I really have to worry on upgrading it much more or building anything else? or should that pretty much be a team that should do extremely well in PVP
4 years ago#4
Having run Odin, Ghis, Griff, Ghis, Odin in the M formation I mostly ran into trouble with teams faster than myself (which often killed off half or more of the team at later battles before I even had a first turn). I was using two NPE Ghis with around 12k Agility each, as well so even going full OPE I doubt you'd fare consistently well against teams that are simply faster than you.

Recently swapped both the Ghis for NPE Lanvalls, and Griffin for Adonis (Not going to blow everything I own on getting an Eton), and I'll see how that fares in the next PvP set up (I have mixed feelings, but almost always going first should be pretty big, or so I hope.)

Overall, it's a good set up, but it's far from a guaranteed win.
4 years ago#5
Well there are no easy wins even guys with sekhmet legendaries etc have to all-out sometimes, with lanvalls you will have problems with back-row fams cause lan with 15k agi rush hits backrow odin for like 3,9k
4 years ago#6
ok so what about this combo? I have seen this one talked about also.

Lanvall/Adonis/Ghis/Griffin/Black Cat
4 years ago#7
Yeah, that's why instead of just having the Lanvall's I'm trying to keep a couple of wisdom familiars in the back (Odins for now, may make a Mangarmr as well, but I'm undecided). With the agility buff, I should be able to have even my WIS familiars go first, but I don't think there is a "perfect" set up. Especially with the huge amount of RNG in the game to begin with (some times, you don't proc anything, at all, and it'll lose even on all out). In the end, it's building the team that's so fun in the first place, and what I enjoy tinkering with the most XD. If I ever end up finding a "perfect" set up that never lost, and had nothing to change to, it'd be boring and I'd quit shortly.

I'd replace the Black Cat with the new Desna familiar, or another Ghislandi. If your Griffin doesn't proc though, back row Wisdom teams will cause problems as well, and if your Adonis doesn't go off, you'll be slower than a lot of teams as well. I'm also not someone who's ever liked using two buff/debuff style characters. They're only useful for the buff really; so if they don't go off they're useless, and it decreases your chances of getting an offensive skill off as well, as you have fewer to go off of.
4 years ago#8
Yeah lol, so your saying I just need 4 OPE Lanvall and 1 OPE Eton... :)
4 years ago#9
I think it boils down to... Agility based teams tend to do well against Griffin/Ghis based teams because they're fast enough to knock out the squishy Ghislandi front liners before they can react, though this is more against you than for you I believe; since it seems the enemy AI has higher proc rates on skills as you go up in rankings. Wisdom based teams tend to defeat agility based teams who can't do enough damage to knock them out in the first round, and Ghis/Griffin teams tend to beat Wisdom teams if they go first and get the Griffin proc off.

In the end, I doubt even a 5 Sekhmet/Tangata Manu team would be undefeated consistently :P

Too much RNG involved, and like Ryan brought up, Lanvall doesn't have quite enough damage to consistently kill Wisdom based familiars in the back row, even with an agility buff.

I'm also no expert, I'd see if you can get someone with a bit more experience involved in this conversation, this is all anecdotal and/or speculation after all!
4 years ago#10
Shadowslade2 posted...
I came across this and wondering if this is something worth building for a solid PVP group

As the person who took that screenshot, I can tell you it's a solid, effective PVP group but you will still get rocked by top-tier setups (>1 legendary). The problem is that it's a good enough team to beat most, but just a little bit of bad luck (Fafnir/Ghis/Fafnir/Ghis all not procing, which surprisingly happens quite often) and you will lose that hot 17-killstreak. I guess this applies to all teams but I definitely noticed myself losing to "weaker" teams. For what it's worth, the Ghis/Ghis/Griffin were all 98.5% NPE and the Fafnirs were both OPE.
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