The Phantom Pain = TPP. But TPP= Twitch Plays Pokemon.

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In the end Zapdos did more evil than Evee
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I don't know guys, yu-gi-oh was pretty intense too, Bandit Keith is the real Big Boss

I loved YGO until it got to the point of new trios, but I really loved the Egyptian God Cards the best along with the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

Digimon had an amazing show but I love the first roster the best above all.

Pokemon... the first move was amazing, second okay and the anime just sucks most of the time.

The first series of YGO is the best. 5D was okay. The rest sucked.

I stopped following Digimon a long time ago. Still going on? If so that's impressive since its still getting destroyed by Pokemon.
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"Twitch Plays Pokemon"?

You must mean "Twitch Has A Seizure While Pokemon Suffers The Damage In The Background"
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Pokemon sucks

Digimon's better

Digimon had a better show, but Digimon games are **** compared to Pokemon.

Dat Season 3.
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Codec plays Pokemon. Call a frequency to press a button
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