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What did Ishmael mean in the hospital? (very minor spoilers)Gman89o811/19 3:39PM
Why Phantom Pain has a V instead of a regular 5 in its title?[spoilers allowed]THE_BOSS_MGS3811/18 11:18AM
Some info for December updateOuterheaven93511/17 7:26PM
FOB training broken?tathra111/15 8:26PM
Did you watch any videos before getting to them in the game? Spoiler?SoiledSnake411/15 3:45AM
Latest MGSV:TPP patch allows you to get a certain character backma9811/14 7:56AM
Materials Container's... Anti Farming Patch?...Brysonmh211/13 12:23PM
I can finally play again... I can finally finish the game!Joveus211/11 11:14PM
Any info on side opp DLC?Jigga-fire111/11 6:44PM
is this fob event bugged?Soulexking49211/11 4:50PM
anyone experience log in issue?SideburnStalker17111/11 3:57PM
Serious hellp needed on Mission 12 - Hellbound(Emmerich rescue mission)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
lol_ok1211/11 5:29AM
Infiltrator Montage MGO3Voyevoda911411/10 9:50AM
Made a trailer today. Lemme know what ya think.Mr_M0j0_Rising211/10 9:16AM
wheres the topics atlarryp78311/9 8:57PM
MGO3: What exactly is going on when this occurs? (no rants this time)Bulleta411/9 8:51PM
Anybody able to purchase anything from the store?EnemyWithin88511/9 12:49AM
How to beat mission 20 with the water pistolPenitentMonk211/8 10:58PM
What do I do with the stuff I fulton that aren't soldiers and vehicles?Long_Range_Mele311/8 10:32PM
Have you raised S Base Development, Support, or Intel staff to S+ with 2 medals?HastatusAtratus111/8 2:25PM
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