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Konami to hold E3 press conference...
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Mission Structure ... (Poll)
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turtles1236175/19 3:23AM
Think They Will Release A Demo Of This?
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turtles1236155/18 10:14PM
This game has the most interesting timeline and what led to Japan's ruin for us.
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Robin_Mask255/18 8:55PM
Limited Edtiton1/1 Scale Triumph MotorcycleGr3gSolidus25/18 1:39PM
Create a Soundtrack PlaylistExtreme_nWo55/17 8:56PM
If metal gear 2: solid snake were released today........SolidVulcan65/17 5:33PM
Konami shifting their gaming ips to mobile.
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AarturoSc115/15 6:18PM
Lack of hype for this game?
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Yoshipizza5175/15 12:02PM
Europe journalist impressions, new tweets and info from May 14thjubjub_2815/15 7:50AM
Castlevania Producer Iga Condemns Konami Over Kojima DebacleJayceeTHUNDER45/15 4:32AM
Can we expect some kind of micro transactions on this game?Hamiwiful45/14 9:52PM
I'm betting MGSVI will be remakes of Metal Gear 1 and 2 together
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precita115/14 5:32PM
Will there be a codex in this game?Bearprint95/13 3:19PM
the doctor is trolling for sure
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KingdomHeartzXY205/13 9:59AM
Phantom Cigar music customizationDoomMasterHell25/13 3:49AM
James Horan (Skullface) interview
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raikov15125/13 1:20AM
The press is playing this right now.D8725/12 12:18PM
New Crazy YongYea Canavero video thingy of the head thingies.Hamiwiful25/12 12:04PM
XOFHOUND=FOXHOUND? Maybe?RickMoranis45/12 9:30AM