I had a creepypasta tier dream about MGSV...

#1RickMoranisPosted 7/10/2013 5:49:02 AM
Big Boss was riding his white horse through the desert with someone on back, can't tell who it is. That is until the horse collapses from exhaustion....

The horses body turns to ash and blows away in the wind. Like the frog unit when they die in MGS4, but first the skin, then the muscles and then the bones.

Then I see Big Boss laying on the ground carrying the body of THE BOSS!

The next scene cuts to a laboratory where some scientists in white coats are asking questions to a humanoid figure, it's arms, legs and torso are not visable and are clothed in white but the figure has a skull for a head.

The scientist asks the skull-headed figure,"Do you remember JFK?"

The skull shakes it's head, yes.

The scientist asks the skull-headed figure, "do you remember Metal Gear?"

The skull shakes it's head, no.

The scientist asks the skull-headed figure,"do you remember Jack?"

The skull nods yes.

Then it shows a screenshot of the Boss' body laying in a white background, next to a skeleton wearing the same sneaking suit that the Boss wore in Snake Eater.
The words, "legends never die" scroll accross the screen.

Next scene is Big Boss interrogating the Boss in what looked like a room similar to the one that Paz was chained up in during the last trailer. The Boss is chained up in the same way. No audio of what he is saying, only the "sins of the father" track is playing. The camera zooms in on the Boss' face. It looks like she is clearly mouthing the words," Jack, it's me."

Then Big Boss rips off her Sneaking suit and takes his knife he makes the S-shaped scar down her chest once more.

The final shot before I remember waking up was Big Boss rasing the Patriot gun as if to fire. It looks to be in the same "interrogation room" as before.
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Moranis 3:16 says I just shrunk your ass!
#3the4thstoogePosted 8/11/2013 9:45:03 AM
Does sound like a creepypasta. Maybe the skull headed figure is Solid, or Liquid Snake having his memory checked to determine whether he has Big Boss' memories, or is his own person?
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