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#11Mr StickPosted 9/8/2012 1:46:21 AM
banished09 posted...

I know, luckely I used an autoclicker and couldn't be bothered to do anything more. I did it because some people wanted to see it livestreamed.

Yeah, I have it auto-clicking right now and I'm doing other things in another room, sometimes going back so it remembers that I am online (keeps going off).

I did Normal Mode legit, but I also walked away from the computer for an hour and came back to it later to finish it. I also ate while clicking and took several smaller breaks. But Nightmare was Auto-Clicked, and Hell is being Auto-Clicked now and Inferno will be auto-clicked later.

Dat Platinum Star. Hate my life. But at least I am doing productive things while it clicks, instead of actually sitting there.
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