So, for the first time, Lightning is the main character.

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sry fur me bad enlish,im form usa
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Now all we need is a game with Sazh as the main character.
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wwwgippal2 posted...

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Final Fantasy XIII-4: Revenge of the Sazh

Bernkastel of all.
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Final fantasy XIII-5: A New Hope
Hope Estheim is so kawai desu ne! *hugs*
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HopesNo1Fan posted...
Final fantasy XIII-5: A New Hope

The hottest girl alive..? That goes to Miss Hanzhou. I could watch that woman strut her stuff all day long. She is the epitome of very sexy.
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Final Fantasy XIII: Jesus Kreiss
Lightning likes to play life-sized chess in her new room.
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Final Fantasy: God Estheim
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Final Fantasy XIII-10: Jihl Actually Gets to Do Something
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Final Fantasy XIII: A Guy and his Fro