This game wouldn't hold up Final Fantasy Versus XIII you all said

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Gender has an outcome on both of those concepts.
Certain qualities on a male for certain people wouldn't be very appealing on a female and vice versa.

Likewise, certain events experienced with a female character may make them more relatable for certain people than if experienced with a male character and vice versa.

To be frank though, yes, it matters a lot for many. Gender can be something that affects the individual's perceived quality of a character when combined with the situations the character is in, the type of personality the character has, and the type of image the character puts forth.

This is of course something that comes down to the individual as to what goes well with what, but it is a necessary consideration when making characters for a story, whether it's a game, anime, or well, anything really. :o

From a developer's point of view, they consider the target audience for the game when deciding the male to female cast ratio and the type of personalities the characters are to receive.

You're supposed to look at a character as a whole.
Certain behavior won't work with one particular gender, that is correct.
You can relate to both males and females in the same way, even if their behavior is adjusted to the gender.

And for a character being likable it doesn't matter at all.
I can like a character of any gender and personality.
Sure, I may like some combination of gender and personality more than another, but in the end it's the character as a whole that matters. Gender just influenced it.

But that's just me, it may be different for you.
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*trying not to pull hair*
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Not only does this delay Versus but it ALSO delays Kingdom Hearts 3. I am ****ing done with this company and there horrible decisions and management.

....they've released a new KH game less than 2 months ago <_<
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