Games that sell a lot of copies are better than the ones that dont?

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Kagayaku08 posted...
when it suits your opinion, yes

when it doesnt, no

This is how people treat it sadly.
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Zvonareva posted...
I will explain it very simply.

High sales do not mean something is a "quality" product. Low sales do not mean it is an "inferior" product. Sales don't matter in judging an individual's opinion. Unless there is a poll conducted by a company or whatever on the general public, it's speculation on part of the person making the claim "No one wants this game/Everyone loves this game."

Otherwise, Avatar is one of the best movies ever made and Twilight is one of the best movies this decade.

And Justin Bieber one of the best artists.
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Yes, and no.
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Best example I can think of is Okami. Fantasic, beautiful, fun, heart-warming, memorable game that blows the XIII series out the water (though that's not a difficult feat) and yet it sold poorly.
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kupo1705 posted...
If a game sells a lot, it's popular.
If a game doesn't sell a lot, it's not popular.


High sales doesn't indicate good quality. Low sales doesn't indicate bad quality. Sometimes bad games sale a lot. Other times amazing games are incredibly niche.
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I am glad somebody knows about the ORC stuff aside from me. Not a hater, but that game has many quality problem that makes me wonder why Capcom let them even it sell it in that condition.

And yeah Tiael Xenoblade did sale better then the last story despite being under the same amount of marketing. But that game had something the last story didn't.

An extremely positive reaction from fans. Word of mouth helped that game greatly. Sadly I felt that could have also done better with better marketing as well. Still did better then the last story.
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