Kotobukiya should make a FFXIII Line.

#1shygirl914Posted 9/17/2012 2:34:12 PM
I would buy.
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Masato Kato should make another chrono game. Would buy.
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ermac140 posted...

I'm very surprised Namco Bandai gave license to Alter for Tales figures.... since they have their own toy division. They only occasionally let Megahouse make stuff...

SE is much the same as it has it's own toy division.... so it will be next to zero chance of "good" figure companies to ever get license for FF figures...
#5TheBestGman2007Posted 9/17/2012 6:48:48 PM(edited)
McFarlane makes cool figures. They're not posable, but they're highly detailed.

EDIT: btw, I just asummed we're talkin about figures here. They could make a Vanille that... I don't know... looks like Vanille.
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