Favourite numbered FF romance

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Yukanna posted...
zidane having a tail ruined any chance of that relationship with dagger being taken seriously.. sorry but it's the truth.

Do you expect people to take you seriously with a comment like this?

um yes i do.. I just don't find it beleivable that dagger would want to have love relations with a monkey.. I'm sorry but I can do without the fairytale creature relationships in my final fantasies... Date your own species and Leave that to shrek and other weird kids movies.
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Zidane and Garnet.
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LuBu1975 posted...
Regarding Zidane i thought he was a womaniser anyway and if it wasn't Garnet it would have been any other girl (in other words it wasn't really love). Also he cops a feel when he first meets her. Hardly romantic.

You haven't seen it to the end did you?

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#64LuBu1975Posted 10/3/2012 5:32:46 AM
Yes i have. I've finished it about five times. It doesn't change the fact that he only liked her cos she's pretty much the only available girl around. He probably would've picked Ruby if she was around.

Also i agree about the tail thing. Who knows where that would end up...
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