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We are in the FINAL DAY of Outworld (Facebook) (Archived)
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NG+ DASH challenge run video series (not for beginners!) (Archived)
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Dual blades for "commando" schemata (Archived)pt7864/13 9:36PM
to lowtcp ref:ultima garb (Archived)chrcol34/13 1:19PM
is it possible to acquire whirlwind kick from punt manually? (Archived)
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how to beat aeronite on hard hehe (Archived)
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Anyone thing the trilogy will get a ps4 remake? (Archived)
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Questions on Shields and Guarding (Archived)
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Sazh Spawns (Archived)
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Dialogue (Archived)Angelalex24224/12 12:20AM
Abilities Questions (Archived)88AYM24/11 2:16PM
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Increasing Population? (Archived)Viriless24/11 12:28AM
jump and AA garb viable? (Archived)Holy_forks44/4 9:31PM
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Please lend a hand! (Archived)88AYM14/1 10:16AM
Near the end of my first play through. Any tips in weapons/accessories to find? (Archived)
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want to play this so much.. but not yet announced on steam... (Archived)kabutozero33/31 2:07AM
without apoiling anything, does the series have happy ending? (Archived)Grey_Asakura93/31 2:06AM