Miss Final Fantasy Universe #024 - Beatrix (FFIX)

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jimrichards posted...
Jesus H. Christ, how did I manage to start a fight between two people other than myself? Guys, chill the eff out for God's sake.

Val, don't let the title mislead you; it's not weaboo because it is Western-made. Well, global really, given the devs are based all over the world... but primarily English speaking and no Japanese. It's a visual novel and it's freaking amazing. Well I thought it was.

Kupo; yes, the word "play" is somewhat misleading. Would you prefer I said read? Val, read Katawa Shoujo. There, happy? Now can it, guys. You're (probably) grown men, start acting as such.

God, why is everyone on these boards so anal-retentive?

If you think we were serious for at least a second there, you should re-think it again. Take a deep breath while you're at it. That is a thing you should know while being here: When you see an argument between me and Kupo, you are not supposed to take it seriously. It's the internet, nothing here is serious.

Well maybe Potato with his hissy fits, but that's a whole different matter.
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Aww man, it's so hard to tell on the internet. It's hard enough for me to judge intent in person, let alone here. Welp, guess I look like a dumbass now. =/
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