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User Info: TheExiled280

4 years ago#21
TWEWY should have been on 3DS store and PSN. Not ****ing iOS
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User Info: Ftpkorn

4 years ago#22
Snow? Of all the...guess i expected it, him being a l'cie and in training.

Would prefer Noel.
Lightning likes to play life-sized chess in her new room.

User Info: buffy720

4 years ago#23
While I'm happy to hear about Snow, I'm more interested in hearing news about Noel.
"You're right. I am a weapon. Every cell in my body is aching for a fight. They long to collide with their anti-existence." ~ Jr.

User Info: cateblepas

4 years ago#24
I think snow's reskin should remove his stocking cap so he can show off his beautiful hulk hoganesque hair style. His sovereign fist can become the snowgan leg drop!

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