POLL: Most Underrated FF Villain (SPOILERS)

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  3. POLL: Most Underrated FF Villain (SPOILERS)
3 years ago#51
Oh, and I voted Other, for Golbez, by the way.
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3 years ago#52
Char_AznabIe posted...
Pirate_Duck posted...
Sephiroth, easily.

He had more presence than any other villian in the series, and he is constantly disregarded as just an overcompensating momma's boy.

Like FFVII itself, he was overrated and is now totally underrated.

Umm, wut.

Like VII itself you get labelled a troll if you dare point out any flaw in a manner that catches people's attention. Golbez, Exdeath, Seymour, they are what underrated villains look like. Sephiroth has to be THE most overrated villain in the series, and one of the most overrated villains in the entire industry. Even people who don't play Final Fantasy know who Sephiroth is, the guy is beyond overrated.

The above post is underrated. Any retorts arguing this statement are overrated.

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3 years ago#53
Saying Sephiroth is overrated, is "overrated".
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  3. POLL: Most Underrated FF Villain (SPOILERS)

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