What if Fang and Vanille should've go back to the kitchen where they belong to..

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Where's Hope.
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meteor9898 posted...

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meteor9898 posted...
Nah. Vanille seems like an oil rig kinda gal to me. I can imagine her right now. She's wearing coveralls, one denim strap is down at the left shoulder. Extra gloves and a towel are hanging from her waistband. Her pink hair is a mess from the long hours working under the sun. There's sweat in her eyes, so she wipes them off with the back of her hand, smearing her forehead in grease. She squeaks and moans from exertion as she she tries to close a bolt with her wrench, but it just wouldn't give. Using both hands, she tugs the tool down hard, her body going up and down...up and down...putting her entire weight into it. But what's this...

Oil erupts from the loose bolt. She couldn't close it in time! She throws her head back in a silent gasp as the black fluid soaks her torso, flowing down her legs in warm rivulets that cascade along her boots. Ebony flecks fly unto her cheeks, and her tongue darts out as if by instinct, rolling the strange flavor on her tongue. She wished Fang were there to help her. Seeing that there was nothing she could do then, she steps away from the oil stream and puts down her wrench. Oh what a mess she's made! She unfastens her coveralls, lamenting at the mess the oil has made of her undershirt. She shrugs. She grips her shirt, ready to take it off, when...

Zoolander lights her on fire.

this guy wrote a story right here
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I'm ashamed to say I read all of it.
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Hope should get back into the kitchen also.

So he can help Vaan make a stir-fry
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