Final Fantasy on Wii U.

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4 years ago#11
maybe crystal chronicles XD
4 years ago#12
ilikeikeilikeik posted...
But I don't want to get a Wii U

I wouldn't buy it even if XV was on it, just like I won't buy a 3DS for SMTIV.
The not yet revealed Valbanisher.
4 years ago#13
Monolith Soft and Mistwalker developing games for it is enough for me.
Plus the newest Zelda and Fatal Frame game (the remake of 2 was fantastic).

A mainline FF would lulzy to see on it and I'd support it definitely. Oh man the crying from sony fanboys and nintendo haters.
So much nostalgia already...
4 years ago#14
So? SE always had a decent business relationship with Nintendo. Its their choice.

SE just sux in publishing updates. WHERE IS VERSUS? BAST*RDS
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4 years ago#15
Well might as well let Nintendo join in on the punishment.
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4 years ago#16
King_Shortt_IX posted...
Well might as well let Nintendo join in on the punishment.

The not yet revealed Valbanisher.
4 years ago#17
In the greater purpose of Wii U is to rally for a greater variety of games, I wouldn't mind if FF joins that cause. I mean, hell, Square Enix, among Mistwalker and Monolith Soft... rock on! If JRPGs can make a "come back", if it's on the Wii U, so be it! Core games, kiddie games, variety in general, all are welcome!
4 years ago#18
That's why VersusXIII has been taking so long >.>

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