Why Lightning?

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4 years ago#1
Why are they making yet ANOTHER unwanted sequel to the most hated game in the franchise? XIII and XIII-2 were as fun as paper; who wants to run up corridors mashing the X button? It's like running through and endless hospital. Yeah.

And XIII-2? Never have I played a game with such god-awful EMBARRASSING characters; purple***, and a moogle the TALKS [completely ruined The Moogle.]

Why did they choose LIGHTNING [Of all people; why not The Sazh?] And now they're stealing from Versus? The game TRUE FF FANS actually want?

*Grabs popcorn for hilarious fanboy replies*
XIII= S***
4 years ago#2
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I'm Val
4 years ago#3
Topic needs more GILGAMESH
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4 years ago#4
The made it just to spite you.

I can almost hear trolliyama laughing in the distance...............
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4 years ago#5
Topic needs more The Sazh.
4 years ago#6
Why not?
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4 years ago#7
Why not Zoidberg?
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4 years ago#8
Terra-Branford posted...
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And? I'm new here.
XIII= S***
4 years ago#9
kupo1705 posted...
Topic needs more The Sazh.

Here you go: :)

XIII= S***
4 years ago#10
King_Shortt_IX posted...
Why not?

Because it could be someone better such as...oh I don't know...The Sazh?
XIII= S***

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