So say this series was made by Korean developers..

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  3. So say this series was made by Korean developers..
2 years ago#1
i was just watching the gangnam style live performance on Youtube. And i just realized something. I'm getting really addicted to Korean stuff.

My two favorite manga are "the Friendly Winter" and "Girls of the Wild" both made by Korean authors.

My favorite song is the Korean pop version of Mulan's reflection

My favorite web animation at this point is "There She Is" also made by a Korean developer

And i think Gangnam style is the first asian pop video that has made in into,,, ahhh what was that commercial's name..... dagnab it.

Well I'm probably wrong about that anyway..

But still, I started to wonder if Korea is creeping up on Japan

And then...well...the titel question came up. Whaddayou guys think.
"In the hands of someone who's good enough at thinking outside of the box, ANYTHING can be used as a weapon."
2 years ago#2
Korean soft power!

I think games made by Koreans are okay. lol
2 years ago#3
Listen to some K-pop. They go hard. :3
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2 years ago#4
Needs mores bagpipes. Scottish music is from the heart. Good stuff.
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2 years ago#5
Koreans sure know how to party hard. And I hear Korean women are the class of Eastern/Oriental Asia when it comes to beauty. I wish I was Korean, first class gangnam style.
2 years ago#6
Gangnam Style is shyte. I've read the translated lyrics and it's a bit more meaningful than most modern western pop songs. But to spread so far and actually dominate YouTube is just ludicrous. It's not a revolutionary sound and the only reason it's gotten so popular is because of the stupid dance.

I thought it was alright when I first saw it and I thought the dance was quite funny but nothing special. But after hearing it on the radio and seeing it on TV so many times it's gotten beyond tired and just jarring.

But what really pissed me off was when a presenter at the AMA's (American Music Awards, either this one or the EMA's) was announcing PSY's live performance, she ordained him the "Undisputed new king of pop". That is just a joke and frankly an insult to Michael Jackson's musical legacy.

Rant over, I'm not a hipster and just slightly mad.
2 years ago#7
They would get SNSD to do the theme song. For every game.
(edited by HAAH_WAAW)
2 years ago#8
I don't know how this is relevant to Lightning Returns. Koreans aren't good at making games except for some MMOs.

Anyway, T-ARA is one of my fav k-pop groups.
(edited by badboy)
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  2. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
  3. So say this series was made by Korean developers..

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