The 9 things that make a Final Fantasy game a Final Fantasy game.

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I do, I think Noel and Serah would make a much better couple than Snow and Serah.

Obvious kupo is obvious, quit lying to me.

I have no reason to lie. NoelxSerah>SnowxSerah.
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To be honest, I really do think no one cares about Noerah or anything such related.

Shh, let her live in her fantasy world where the only problems in the world are what video game character belongs with another video game character.
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I have my own picture? Swellies~
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I can assist you.

Ya have to lead it kid.


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Soundtrack, characters, story, gameplay, unique design/graphics, chocobos, moogles, and anything without blonde spiky hair...OR long silver hair. PLEASE.
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